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5 Vows You Can Keep in 2018

A long time ago humans have marked the new year with a masochistic custom... They made resolutions they know they will not keep. Recently, however, a good many of us have decided to say, “The heck with it!”. We, and nobody else, decide resolve to accomplish or not accomplish feats! Sounds liberating, right? And, according to new thinking, it may actually be better for us, too. Sometimes even letting go and laying off may very well set us free.

So, in the spirit of giving up, My100Brands have prepared some sartorial anti-resolutions we promise will be a joy to keep.

No. 1: Don’t Go to the Gym. Sleep.
A good night’s rest reduces stress, curbs appetite and even burns calories. Show up those athleisure-wearing influencers by investing in a wardrobe specially made for your slumberous new sport.

No. 2: Stay in Your Style Rut
Variety is overrated. All that experimenting with colors and new trends is exhausting. Instead of reprimanding yourself for not being more adventurous in the closet, give in to your style rut. Start thinking of it as a groove. Take a cue from Steve Jobs and wear a black turtleneck any (and every) day of the week.

No. 3: Treat Yourself
Fashion is about fantasy, and every once in a while it’s good to indulge if you have the money. Better yet, why not spend it on something ridiculously sparkly and unnecessary that, nevertheless, answers the distant call of your deepest (and most mysterious) desires.

No 4: Don’t Dress Up
Don’t relegate that liberating I-give-up attitude that has been sanctioned by self-help literature to the rest of your life. Start applying it to your sartorial choices as well. Honor the schlub that lives inside us all in unapologetically comfy garb

No. 5: Break Out the Granny Panties
Perhaps lacy underthings get your motor running. Then, by all means, do your thing. For those who prefer cotton fabric (and plenty of it), this year is your year to indulge in underwear that makes you feel good.

And remember that everything that makes us feel comfortable is fashionable. Trust your inner sense of style and live as you want in spite of all prohibitions!

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