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How to Create Your Own Dress Style
How to Create Your Own Dress Style
Sometimes fashion can seem very elusive and only for the privileged. But it's easier to start taking strides in the right direction than you think, towards confidence and a fashionable wardrobe.
If you want to catch the eye of strangers and cultivate a striking presence you need to set yourself apart from the crowd. You can easily do this by creating your own style of dress. So, My100Brands have prepared for you some advice how to make your own style!

1. Evaluate your closet.
Go through what you already own and decide what you like. Pieces that you keep should have a fit that's flattering to your body, as well as an overall look that blends with your shape. Throw out or donate anything that fits poorly or that you're hesitant to wear out of the house.

2. Ask for help.
If you're having a hard time finding inspiration, or you worry about having bad taste, ask for an outside opinion. Contact a close friend or family member whose sense of style you admire, and ask him or her what might look good on you.

3. Go shopping.
When you've decided what you like, start shopping. You don't have to replenish your wardrobe all in one go - instead, consider shopping at small intervals, such as every few weeks, until you've assembled a closet you like. Nowedays it is much easier to do shopping! You can buy a lot of things via the Internet!

4. Choose accessories.
Punch up your regular look by adding a few interesting accessories. This can be as simple as buying clean laces for your shoes, or wearing a muted belt. If you really want to alter your look, try adding jewelry, scarves, hats or hair pieces.

5. Mix and match.
Try pairing different pieces for a compelling, unique look. For instance, even if you didn't think your new tank would look good with your capris, try it out. Maybe all you need to pull the whole outfit together is that belt you haven't worn since last summer. Don't be afraid to experiment and be original!

Eventually, just be yourself. The most important thing about your new look - you must feel good. Creating a personal style is really just wearing what you want. Think more positively and be more constructive and expressive with your ideas and abilities!

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