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How to Shop in 2018 According to Your Horoscope

“New Year, new me.” Every January, in pursuit of this goal, we embrace all sorts of less-than-scientific advice... Such as the power of healing crystals and the wisdom of star charts. It’s one time of year when we’re inclined to give into our New Age impulses. So why not use horoscopes as a fresh way to consider our fashion choices?

My100Brands have prepared for you a celestial shopping guide for each sign to inspire you in 2018.

While everyone else follows the crowd, Aries is in the front, leading the pack. Flashy prints and sizzling hues of red and orange are wardrobe “neutrals,” which Aries signs dress up with a treasure trove of statement jewelry.

Expensive fabrics such as silk, velvet, and cashmere appeal to the Taurus’s sensual side. They have very rich tastes. They may be surprised to find their fashion choices take an experimental turn this year.

Geminis tend to change their style frequently, and they have a lot of movement in their clothes. They favor anything with a whimsical, fun pattern, complemented by playful, surrealist-inspired accessories.

Preferring not to draw attention, this emotional water sign favors softer silhouettes with a subtle color palette of pale blues, grays, and shades of white.

Leos are creative, bold, they like to dress up and dress for the occasion. They also pride themselves on their wide knowledge of brands and are constantly on the hunt for the latest names in fashion.

A Virgo’s closet, full of conservative shift dresses and practical cardigans, is meant to be admired for its morality, not its sex appeal.

They tend to care a lot about what others think, thus making them one of the trendier signs. Luckily, Libra has a very particular, refined style, so their frequent shopping splurges will still be put to good use years down the road.

Scorpios love to contradict themselves. Their style can be both powerful and sexy, yet still very low-maintenance and simple. They prefer to dress in all black or tough leather.

They go crazy over embellished and embroidered fabrics, probably owning a flashy sequin dress or two. These are the people who love those yoga necklaces and chakra jewelry.

Capricorn is all about functional dressing, this year especially. Tailored jackets and trousers, as well as basic tees and perfect-fitting jeans provide the main foundation for Capricorn’s wardrobe.

It’s hard to pin an Aquarius to any particular silhouette or color, since they’re all such free spirits, but in most cases unusual hair and makeup choices play a key role in their overall look.

The most bohemian of the bunch, this water sign is usually drawn toward flowy, ethereal clothing in pearly, iridescent fabrics and colors such as teal, blue, and purple.

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