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How to wear dresses this winter?
My100Brands have prepared for you a lot of variants how you can wear dresses this winter.

The 90’s trend to wear dress over the shirts and turtlenecks is officially back to 2018. And it's really cool! First, it’s an out-of-the-box way to layer in the colder months when, with each passing day thinking of a new, weather-appropriate outfit gets harder and harder and everything starts to look the same. Second, it gives you a new way to wear your dresses, that would otherwise be impossible to wear in the cold, thus bringing down the cost-per-wear and making you feel better and better about the purchase. Finally, combining a dress with shirts and turtlenecks is not only an expert way to make old pieces feel fresh, but it’s also a sophisticated night-out look that will keep you warm this winter.

There are lots of ways to in trend, it’s all about choosing the right accessories and color variations. If you need some fashion inspiration, here are some style tips on how to wear the shirts and turtlenecks under a dress.

1. Wear a striped shirt under a plain black slip dress with boots for an effortlessly cold winter outfit. 

2. Make a super sexy slip dress work for casual daytime stuff by adding a white shirt. 

3. Want the preppy/professional look instead of the trendy one? Wear a chambray shirt under a tank dress, then add some jewelry. 

4. For cold days, a bright printed tank dress over a solid turtleneck is so cute. 

5. Wear a turtleneck under a loose boho dress to give it a little bit more structure. 

6. One way to tone down a fancier A-line dress is to wear it over a button-down shirt with flats. This preppy look is great for work attire. 

7. White shirts look just as good under maxi dresses as they do under short slip dresses. 

Try one and be prepared to impress literally everyone!

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