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Multilayeredness is the trend of 2018!
Winter is the official season of trying to wear every single piece of clothing you own at the same time, but that doesn't mean you have to look frumpy. Especially when the multilayeredness is the trend of 2018! My100Brands have prepared for you some fashionista-approved variants how to use this trend in winter 2018!

Bold is Better
An all-black outfit can seem like an endless sea of fabric if you're wearing tons of layers. A bold add-on like plaid sweater breaks up the look and puts your style front and center.

Rock a Bomber Over Your Fave Crop
Flimsy crop tops don't go well with cool weather, so if you're looking for a sassy alternative to classic winter gear, try a cropped sweater instead. Warm it up with an on-trend bomber jacket — they're sleek enough to wear indoors, but warm enough for the elements.

Keep It Light
Rocking a floor-length duster is easy if you wear the right textures underneath. Silky blouses are lightweight and great for layering up – you can add a jacket on top and keep a sleek shape.

On the hanger, turtlenecks look grandma af, but give them a chance. They're great for layering under strappy dresses or collared jackets. Opt for a super snug fit – it's best for seamless layering.

Long Sleeves Under Short Sleeves
Don't retire your favorite summery dress just because the weather is chilly. Throw it over a cute long-sleeve top for a totally unexpected look.

Texture Is A Key To Fashion
When you're swathed in head-to-toe fabric, go for playful textures to keep your ensemble looking interesting. You can paire a quilted jacket with a cotton hoodie, then add heaps of patent leather. Why not?

Mix Up Your Neutrals
Taupes, grays, and blacks are the easiest colors to mix and match. Any combination will look perfectly, no matter how many layers you pile on.

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