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The style and fashion trends set to dominate 2018
Sometimes, it can be difficult to relate to the glamour of catwalk shows and the front row. But the seeds of mainstream trends are always there. They are ready to filter down onto our wish lists and into our wardrobes.
So, My100Brands have prepared fashion trends from the eyries of top fashion designers most likely to set the tone for 2018.

All clear

You need to get acquainted with transparent fabrics.Go only as bare as you dare. And don't forget to treat see-through fabrics as styling opportunities. Don a clear leaf-print dress, but wear a t-shirt and shorts underneath. Or layer sheer over sheer to create glossy, multi-dimensional textures.

New denim

Denim tends to resurface as days get longer. But, in 2018, ditch easy Californian vibes in favour of dark tailored denim. The key styling tips? Wear denim over denim and keep collars buttoned high.

All the trimmings

If it moves, shimmers or glitters while you walk, then wear it. Designers have embraced lavish detail, turning catwalks into parades of exotic birds. This is fashion as its most frivolous, fully expressing its function of beautiful escapism: even should the world burn, dance like a phoenix.

Trench kiss

Fashion’s yen for transforming wardrobe staples into items of pure beauty continues apace. This year, it’s the turn of the trench coat, originally developed as an alternative to the heavy greatcoats. How about a trench delicately threaded with black rose embroidery? Why not? It's really cool!

Ethical fashion

Earlier this year, with the immortal words “I don't think it's still modern,” Gucci’s CEO Marco Bizzarri announced that the luxury label was going fur-free. Animal lovers the world over have let out a huge sigh of relief. Shoppers clock onto some of the world’s most pressing challenges - of energy, of waste, of pollution, of human and animal rights. So, Gucci’s decision represents a monumental step in ethical fashion. In short, seekers of vegan leather boots, organic cotton t-shirts and recycled plastic board shorts: go wild.

Now you know what to wear in 2018. So do not delay, go shopping, and always be in trend with My100Brands!

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