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Searching for the perfect January refresher for your work wardrobe?
Look no further than a sleek pencil skirt. This form-fitting style, worn knee-length or below, is no longer considered twee: the pencil skirt has had a modern and practical revamp this season.

Teamed with a blouse and knee-high boots, the pencil skirt is a chic component of your office wardrobe, but - worn with chunky boots and a casual knit - it's just as handy for kicking back.

My100Brands have prepared  some advice how to wear a pencil skirt in a modern way...

Opt for a looser fit
The days of being forced to shuffle awkwardly along the pavement in a pencil skirt are, thankfully, behind us. While they still fall below your knee and are straight in shape, meaning you won't be doing the splits any time soon, the most stylish options allow for movement.
Seek out a skirt that will look equally as good with flats as it will heels and enjoy your new found freedom.

Team with a t-shirt
There's no better way to catapult an item of clothing into 2018 than with the humble t-shirt. A silk slip dress? YES. A suit? YES. And a pencil skirt is no different.
And if a cotton t-shirt isn't for you, substitute for a more grown-up, silk alternative. You'll still reap the benefits of a relaxed silhouette, just with a slightly more polished finish.

Add an oversize knit
An XL jumper will offer a similar effect to a t-shirt; dressing down a ladylike skirt and granting it a more modern feel in the process.
Oversize knitwear lends itself particularly well to being paired with structured or streamlined fabrics, as these offset bulkiness up top most effectively.

Make it fun
While a pencil skirt will be a chic addition to your workwear arsenal, that's not to say it can't be a key component of your off duty wardrobe too. Look for satin, lurex and sequin styles and team with printed blouses and velvet accessories. The neat silhouette means you can afford to approach colour and pattern like a maximalist.

Choose the option what you like more and be in trend 24 hours a day with My100Brands!

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